If you’re like me, then you are kicking yourself for two reasons. First, you live on the eastern half of the country making it near impossible to drop everything and to head to the Californian desert. And second, you have no money, and therefore no means to attend the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. So we’re stuck here reading about great shows and holograms instead of, you know, actually experiencing it.

Rich people can afford to go to Coachella though, and they came in droves



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You may hate him, but Kobe Bryant is still cooler than anyone you know. Enzo Castellari, the famed Italian exploitation film director, cast the Black Mamba in this long lost film from the director’s archives. Superstars, models, and of course Kobe himself, grace the director’s film, where the fate of Milan’s soul hangs in the balance.

The supporting cast comprises the greatest team ever assembled. (Forza Azzurri!)

The film’s villain is also Dutch. Typical.

Meanwhile, this wouldn’t be a fashion blog without a shameless plug for someone. So, check out Nike’s new 6.0 Collection (in the video) of action shoes for both women and men.

You’d be as cool as Kobe if you got a pair. (Not really)

P.S. Check out Magic City on Starz. It’s like Mad Men, except your boring Aunt Jill isn’t watching. (Sorry, Aunt Jill!!!)


You’re welcome for your weekend cruising tune.


Lana del Who?



Man, Jarvis Cocker is just as cool as they come. If you missed it last night, be sure to check out last night’s performances from PULP — it was their first TV appearance since 1998! Their two shows at Radio City Music Hall are sold out but you can watch ‘em right here, right now.

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Back When The Clintons Looked Cool

Before the Clinton Foundation and the State Department, before losing to Barack and getting impeached, before the White House and saxophone solos, before the governor’s mansion and Chelsea, the Clintons looked, well, pretty damn cool

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We had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Cey Adams & Bill Adler today. If you are in NYC and you get a chance, check out this event next Thursday, April 12 at 7pm at Rush Arts Gallery.

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Miami Vice: Olga Maliouk in Dolce&Gabbana by Max Abadian for Woman Espagna

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